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New Arrivals

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Pintoo® Showpiece plastic jigsaw puzzles have many advantages over traditional cardboard puzzles.

Puzzle Pieces Stay Together

Due to their superior durability and interlocking, Showpiece puzzles stay together without any backing or glue when picked up.

This means you can easily pick up and move a completed or partially completed puzzle with it remaining intact.

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Easily Framed

The puzzles are ready to be displayed in one of our plastic frames.  We stock frames for our 300, 500, 1000, 1000 panorama, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 4000 piece puzzles.

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Water Resistant

If you spill your drink on one of our Showpiece puzzles, it can easily be cleaned with water.  Just don’t scrub the surface with a hard material.

Divide and Conquer

Depending on the size of the puzzle, it may be divided into two or more bags.  This allows you to complete a section of the puzzle at a time, or you can mix all the bags together for a greater challenge.  The shape of each piece is unique within each section.

Piece Size

The plastic puzzle pieces are smaller than most cardboard puzzle pieces.  Please check the overall puzzle dimensions when choosing a puzzle.

Why our puzzles?

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Puzzle History

The first ever jigsaw puzzle was believed to have been created in London nearly 300 years ago and ever since then they have proven to be extremely popular not only as a relaxing pastime but also as an educational aid. However, for a long time the concept of the jigsaw puzzle didn’t change much but recently there have been developments that have definitely brought the traditional jigsaw puzzle into the modern world.

Pintoo puzzles are a 21st century innovation that have moved away from the long-established cardboard and wooden jigsaws and now produce a huge selection of plastic jigsaw puzzles that offer several advantages over the old style. Pintoo puzzles are water resistant and in addition the pieces lock together more efficiently meaning that it is possible to pick up completed or half-finished puzzles without fear of them falling apart.

At Showcase Puzzles, based in Auckland, we are great fans of Pintoo puzzles and now proudly stock these jigsaw puzzles for sale online including not only 2D but 3D jigsaw puzzles that are suitable for the whole family.

Our selection of standard 2d puzzles ranges from mini jigsaw puzzles, kid’s jigsaw puzzles suitable for the very young and teenagers to jigsaw puzzles for adults with up to 4000 pieces that will give you hours and hours of pleasure. And when completed your puzzle will feature famous landmarks, recognised works of art, scenes from the natural world and many other stunning pictures that will enhance your living space or office. So, to facilitate this, we also supply a selection of frames for your puzzles, from the smallest to the largest, making it an easy job to display your puzzles on your walls. The frames are specific to Pintoo and will not be suitable for other jigsaw puzzles, but their clever design keeps the completed puzzle firmly clipped into place.

Furthermore, we supply 3D jigsaw puzzles that come in the form of Jar puzzles or Xmas Baubles that when completed are instantly ready to hang on your Xmas tree. Our Jar puzzles are supplied with jars and lids or caps that can be utilised for all of your storage needs, even in the kitchen, as the water resistant finish to the puzzles can simply be wiped clean when necessary.

Jigsaw puzzles are not only great fun but can be highly therapeutic, aiding short term memory and proving to be very rewarding and relaxing – that is until you lose one or more pieces of your puzzle! Should this happen to you, we can even supply replacement pieces to ensure that your completed puzzle can be viewed in all its glory!

When you want to order or buy jigsaw puzzles online, here at Showcase Puzzles, our selection of Pintoo puzzles is sure to catch your eye, and with easy payment options and routine shipping nationwide and to Australia it couldn’t be simpler to get your next jigsaw puzzle. All you have to do is choose which of our outstanding scenes will feature on your puzzle!

The humble jigsaw puzzle has been around for centuries providing entertainment and education for people of all ages, but until recently the format of jigsaw puzzles changed very little, with wood, paper or cardboard being the main materials used in their manufacture.

Today at Showcase Puzzles we have a range of new and innovative jigsaw puzzles for sale online, for adults and kids alike, that will change the way you think about jigsaw puzzles forever! Our jigsaw puzzles are created from plastic and offer advantages over more traditional puzzles. In particular, the pieces interlock for more snugly which facilitates easily moving an incomplete puzzle without the fear of it breaking up. Furthermore, this style of puzzle is perfect for creating 3D puzzles, and from our selection of 3D jigsaw puzzles we have new and captivating examples that allow you to create fun, decorative items such as clocks, vases and storage jars.

For kids, we supply a selection of mini jigsaw puzzles with as little as 20 pieces - for the very youngest children to practice on, whilst our Showpiece puzzles for adults have up to 4800 pieces, with these finished puzzles measuring in at a huge 115 x 73 cm – a true challenge for puzzle lovers! Should you wish to keep your finished puzzle intact we also supply jigsaw puzzle frames that will allow you to display your completed puzzles to their full effect.

When you want to buy or order jigsaw puzzles online, here at Showcase Puzzles we have the best collection of contemporary puzzles for the whole family.