Replacement of Missing/Defective Jigsaw Puzzle Piece(s)

Thank you for shopping with us at SHOWCASE PUZZLES NZ.

We understand how you feel if you lose a vital puzzle piece or two. We love jigsaw puzzles, and will like to see you complete yours too. Hence, we will try our best to help you find that missing piece(s).

Follow these steps if you require replacement of missing jigsaw puzzle piece(s):

1. Upon the completion of your jigsaw puzzle, take photographs (with good visual quality) of the entire completed jigsaw puzzle as well as a close up of the missing piece section (which shows where the missing piece would fit). Same applies for defective pieces.

2. Our email address is

3. We will contact you when it is ready for collection. 

Terms & Conditions:

1. Due to the manufacturing process and batch printing, the replacement piece(s) may differ slightly in colour and alignment, and may not be an exact match. This is not a defect.

2. The charge on the replacement will be advised upon request.

3. The replacement of missing piece(s) of jigsaw puzzles is only valid for some jigsaw puzzle products from our manufacturers. 

4. It will take about 2 months for your replacement piece(s) to be ready.

5. You will be informed once we receive the replacement of missing piece(s) from our manufacturer.

6. However, under certain circumstances, such as discontinued production or manufacturer not having available stock, we are therefore, unable to process your request.

9. SHOWCASE PUZZLES NZ reserves the right to add, cancel and/or alter in any way, all aspects of its policy and process of replacement of missing jigsaw puzzle piece(s) at any time at its discretion.