The Bookshop from Memory

The Bookshop from Memory

Remember the bookshop that you loved so much when you were a kid, is it still there?”

It is always after school, or on a quiet weekend, me and a couple of friends, or even just me, checking out all the latest books and magazines on the shelves in this lovely boutique bookstore. Sometimes I spot the band or the movie star that I love on the magazine cover, I would pick it up, but eventually I put it back to the shelf. 

A few years later, the “For Lease” sign is up, the bike, that always parks in front of the shop, starts getting a bit dusty...

This puzzle is made with bright contrasting colours, in realistic details, with the familiar and comforting feeling that we thought we just knew this bookshop deep down. 

1200 pieces, just perfect for the puzzlers to enjoy all the fun, maybe with a cup of tea, in a quiet afternoon.


By artist Garry Walton

Do you have a favourite bookshop anymore? Does it have a bike parked in the front?  



If you have a special bookshop in mind, this puzzle is an absolutely amazing choice. 
Other bookshops are also available 



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