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Blessing comes - I am Alexander (not a chubby tiger)

Blessing comes - I am Alexander (not a chubby tiger)

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I am Alexander - Blessing comes
Showpiece 2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This cute chubby tiger delivers the 15 blessings showing in the design:

  1. Surplus every year;
  2. Good health;
  3. Receive gifts;
  4. Demon retreat;
  5. Succeed in doing anything;
  6. Bad luck disappear;
  7. Gain;
  8. I am not a chubby tiger;
  9. May all go well with you;
  10. World peace;
  11. Prosperous career;
  12. Eat well;
  13. Bring the red envelope;
  14. Smooth bowl movement (lol);
  15. Great fortunes

Size: 72.8 x 58.8 cm
Code: Pintoo H2733
Available frames: Dark Brown, Cool Gray, Rosewood, Oak, Chestnut, Zephyr

About the product:

  • Plastic jigsaw puzzle pieces.
  • Water resistant printing.
  • Snug interlocking pieces that stay together when picked up.
  • Ready to frame when completed.
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