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Moonlight Tui & Harakeke - 2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Moonlight Tui & Harakeke - 2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Tui and Harakeke
Showpiece 2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Yihan
Specially made for New Zealand 

Size: 72.8 x 58.8 cm
Code: Pintoo NZ001
Available frames: Dark Brown, Cool Gray, Rosewood, Oak, Zephyr, Chestnut

About Moonlight Tui and Harakeke

Experience the beauty and wonder of New Zealand’s native wildlife with our exquisite upgraded version of the Tui and Harakeke 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle. This stunning artwork captures the vibrant colors and intricate details of the Tui bird perched among the Harakeke (New Zealand Flax), set against a moonlit background. 

“The deep blue background represents the tranquil night sky over New Zealand, while the moon casts its serene light as it watches over the land. The soft orange hue embodies the blooms of the harakeke (flax) plant, glowing under the moonlight and providing nectar for the nocturnal tui.”

The Moonlight Tui and Harakeke 2000-piece puzzle is divided into 8 bags: 

• Each bag contains 240 - 260 pieces.
• This makes the puzzle easier to manage and assemble.
• You can work on smaller sections at a time.
• It’s perfect for sharing the puzzle-building fun with family and friends.
• Enjoy the flexibility of tackling one bag at a time.
• This feature ensures an organized and enjoyable puzzling experience.
• Complete the sections and watch the beautiful image come together piece by piece.

Bag #1 - 260 pieces  Bag #2 - 260 pieces
Bag #3 - 240 pieces  Bag #4 - 240 pieces
Bag #5 - 240 pieces  Bag #6 - 240 pieces
Bag #7 - 260 pieces  Bag #8 - 260 pieces

Key Features:

• High-Quality Pieces: Each piece is crafted with precision to ensure a perfect fit and durability, providing a seamless and enjoyable puzzling experience.
• Intricate Design: The artwork showcases the Tui bird’s iridescent feathers and the Harakeke’s unique foliage, creating a visually captivating scene.
• Generous Size: With 2000 pieces, this puzzle offers hours of entertainment and a rewarding challenge for puzzle enthusiasts.
• Premium Material: Made from premium environmentally friendly plastic, the puzzle pieces are durable, easy to handle, and interlock securely, while also being kind to the planet.
• Finished Size: Measures 28.7 x 23.1 inches (72.8 x 58.8 cm) when completed, making it a perfect piece for framing and displaying.

Whether you’re an avid puzzler or looking for a new hobby, the Moonlight Tui and Harakeke 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle is sure to provide a delightful and engaging experience. Perfect for solo puzzling sessions or as a collaborative project with family and friends, this puzzle celebrates the natural beauty of New Zealand in a truly artistic way.

Indulge in the challenge and satisfaction of completing this masterpiece, and bring a touch of New Zealand’s charm into your home. Order your Moonlight Tui and Harakeke puzzle today and start your journey into the heart of nature!

The Artist

Yihan, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Grenoble in France in 2005, has been a talented artist since the young age. In Tui and Harakeke, Yihan combines the 3D figurative and 2D abstract styles.

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